A Trump support shows off on social media and boasts, claiming that he met Keanu Reeves at an event, and says that “Reeves” is also a Trump supporter. He’s currently getting roasted.

A Trump supporter claimed that he met Keanu Reeves at a motorcycle show in Maryland. It wasn’t Keanu Reeves.

The man was very sure that it was Keanu Reeves because Reeves actually is a Motorcycle enthusiast.

In fact here’s a video of Keanu Reeves’ passion:

When the man put 2 and 2 together he extremely to meet a man who claimed to be “Keanu Reeves”, who most definitely wasn’t Keanu Reeves, at the motorcycle event.

The man who claimed to be Keanu Reeves also told him he was a Trump supporter as well.

Twitter is having a field day with a situation that could only produced by a Trump supporters brain.

Here’s the post:




Updated: February 15, 2020 — 6:59 pm

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