Tristan Thompson Allegedly tries to cheat on his new girl. Girl on IG Curves him in DMs.

A 17-year-old Instagram model posted Tristan Thompson trying to slide in her dms.

Triston Thompson, who cheated on Khloe about 3-4 times for which she forgave him for each time, started dating another woman a few weeks ago.

He started dating the woman around 2 days after it was revealed he cheated on Khloe again.

Here’s the woman he started dating after Khloe:

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He was spotted with her multiple times:

He apparently cheated on the girl as well, since the news of him kissing Jordyn Woods came out one day after he was spotted with this girl.

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Apparently he tried to slide into another woman’s Dm’s on IG:


Yasmin Adelina is a famous Instagram model who has 79,000 followers.


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