New allegations of Trey Songz urinating on a woman bring back old allegations of his conduct towards women like Keke Palmer and more.

Celina Powell’s friend accused Trey Songz of trapping her and urinating on her inside in a hotel bathroom.

This comes after multiple other women have accused him of similar acts over the years, where he forced himself onto them in some ways.

Keke Palmer was one of the first women to go public, but people called her a liar at the time.

Here’s the new of Celina Powell’s friend speaking about what he did to her:

Other women had also come forward with similar stories in the past.

For example here’s a video where Bebe Rexha brought up a story about Trey Songz after she was asked if she knew him, unprovoked:

People also remember Keke Palmer’s allegations:

Keke Palmer also posted this video during the time that happened:

Earlier this year another woman also accused Trey Songz of similar acts, Trey Song allegedly forced “his hand under her dress without her consent” and attempted to “insert his fingers into Jane Doe without her consent” court documents state.

Trey Songz was also previously accused by another woman of hitting her when he found out she was speaking to another man.

As for Celina Powell’s friend, Trey Songz tried to defend himself against those allegations by posting these “receipts”:

Updated: August 19, 2020 — 3:21 pm

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