Travis Scott gets dragged after posting a Nike Ad about Black Lives Matter. People accuse him of chasing a bag while black people are being killed, and bring up his anti-blackness.

People thought Travis Scott had changed since he never posts anything on racism, but decided to post about the atrocities that have been happening these past few months.

Nowhere in the video he posted was there mentioned any names of the people that died at the hands of racists, but at the end of the video a Nike logo popped up.

While watching the video people weren’t bothered of the lack of names, and we’re satisfied with the video, but lost it when they found out it was an advertisement.

Here’s the post:

People brought up the fact that Travis Scott actually spoke against Ferguson protestors after they tried getting justice for Mike Brown.

He in so many words said Mike Brown deserved what happened to him, but tried to word it in a disingenuous way:

Here are some of the reactions to the advertisement he posted:

Updated: May 29, 2020 — 11:10 pm

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