The video that Tory Lanez posted where he rescued a darksinned model who was about to be switched out for a lghtskinned model is staged according to the dark skinned model, and other models there.

Before going forward, understand that the message itself is actually extremely real, and darkskinned Women get mistreated, disrespected, and discriminated everyday in comparison to lightskinned women. Colorism is real.

In this specific instance, this means that Tory Lanez does in fact know this is true, and used it for his own gain.

Sultry Shen, the dark skinned model Tory Lanez said directors tried switching out for a lightskinned woman has spoken up.

She first sent a message to a gossip blog which people doubted may have been real. She sent it to them because they’re the ones who posted the video on Twitter that went viral in the first place:

So not only did he stage the colorism incident, he perpetuated it on his on right after.

She then made posts on her own IG account confirming that it was her:


Her friend Alisiadixonn was also part of the music video, and says Tory Lanez faked it in that moment.

People are saying that this stunt was so black women could buy his album.

Tory Lanez made a comment on a video where a white woman was twerking, and said we should trade Ayesha Curry for the white woman. The comment People went viral and he lost credibility. People are saying it’s for this reason this was staged if this turns out to be true.

Updated: June 17, 2019 — 3:36 pm

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