These are two different people? Fans now believe they were Watching Two different people in Movies after Finding out Forest Whitaker has a brother who’s also an Actor

The internet is now arguing. A lot of fans are arguing online, believing that the above picture are of two different actors, and a search is on for “Forest whitaker’s brother, Kenn Whitaker.”

The arguments started after a few posts started going viral


Forest Whitaker has 2 brothers, Damon Whitaker, and Kenn Whitaker They are all brothers who starred a different famous movies.

Fans believe this is Kenn Whitaker below, believing that they’ve mistaken him for Forest Whitaker, he appeared in movies like “Life (1999)” and “Most Wanted (1997)”, the TV Series “The Theory of Leisure class (2001)”, “Last Days (2001)” and more. This is what fans believe he looks like after trying to find his picture online.

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The man on the right in the above picture is another one of Forest Whitaker’s brothers, Damon Whitaker:

After doing a google search of Kenn Whitaker, they continued finding this picture of him.

Forest Whitaker, Kenn Whitaker’s older brother, appeared in movies like “Last king of scottland” “Arrival” “Black Panther” and much more.

The internet is currently fighting, and people who say these are all pictures of Forest Whitaker are running around trying to find a photo of Kenn Whitaker to disapprove others.



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