“The Suzy Perez Story” is currently going viral. A woman on twitter posted the story of a model who was very well known and one of the most acclaimed models in the 90s. The woman who posted the story tells the story of what men did to Perez in her career. She was seen wandering the streets recently.



Her child made a GoFundMe for her, it reads:

Hello my name Savion Perez, but most people know me as Jehew Green. Im a Black Trans Afro latinx person (my preferred pronouns are They/Them/Their) asking that if people would donate to my cause in helping my mother find rehabilitation and move out Washington Heights, NY and into place where she would not be exposed to drugs and street life. At the time of me making this I am nineteen years old and work a part time job at a grocery store and don’t make enough to support me alone and it’s hard to find better employment as a out trans person. I currently live in North Carolina were my father thought it righteous to kick his trans child out onto the street to protect his “family legacy” from “public shame”. Since I make enough money to eat and I am privileged enough to have friends who can provide me with shelter I want to take the time use my social media platform to help the woman who loved me more than anything in the world. My mother knew I was different and loved me anyways and always let me have fun and express myself creativity; but because I couldn’t accept myself. Being raised by my father and his side of the family Christian beliefs they consistently dames anything queer, queer presenting, or anything possible queer or could be perceived as such. So as I result I kept to myself and often contemplating suicide. Know that I have come into my being and finally somewhat a stable independent, thankfully to the nearby lgbtq center. I want to take the time, to set aside a Go Fund Me page that I will be constantly promoting with my own money to spread awareness; because mental illness in black and brown communities is constantly looked over and often dismissed. Also to help my mother, this money will used to provide my mother with the right doctors and transportation to facilities and the doctor/therapist prescribed medications she needs. I am aware that they are free opportunities available and I and my family will definitely make my mother aware of them and encourage her to join….because at the end of the day we cannot; nor anyone can force a addict to do anything. But my mother also suffers from Bi polar depression, schizophrenia and dementia has a herniated disc and sufferers from serious child hood trauma that she hasn’t resolved and has consistently suppressed thru out her entire life. My goal is get my mother on her feet so she can be apart of my life again and I hope she accepts me. But for right now my main concern is to help her overcome the disease of addiction, if you are financially stable enough to support and donate thank you and I wish you the best. Thank you for reading.

Link to the GoFundMe

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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