Stripper SEXDOLL, very well known on Instagram, was invited that night as a guess dancer, and was with Cardi B. She noticed that the group that Cardi B came with was not throwing singles, so she left. She says Cardi usually dresses in heels and in an provocative manner, but that day sneakers and says she was pretty much dressed ready for a fight, including her friends as well.

SEXDOLL says that Cardi started arguing with the girls herself First. She says that Cardi stood up on a chair and started arguing with the bartenders, then her friends proceeded to jump in and started throwing drinks, then the bartender girls ducked under a bar and security jumped in. She says no one actually fought, just drinks were thrown at each other.

Offset went to where the bartenders were, and where the girls were dancing and threw money, and it hit one of the girls.

She says Cardi B’s group didn’t throw a dime, and when that incident happened, the club was over, and mostly everything was shut down, everyone went home.

SEXDOLL says that the stripper community says that Offset really is sleeping with the girl.

Updated: September 5, 2018 — 3:40 am

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