The King of Misogyny shows off his alleged boo Lori Harvey on IG, people are praising Lori saying she’s the one to defeat Toxic men

Future allegedly back with Lori Harvey, he shows her off on IG.

Over the past month there have been rumors about Lori and Future getting back together after her alleged breakup with Diddy.

At the beginning of November Future stated that he was single. But recent rumors stated that the two were dating once again, and that Lori even tried to bring Future to her father’s house for the Thanksgiving dinner he was hosting.

Sources say Steve Harvey banned Future from entering.

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Future now has everyone believing the rumor after he posted Lori on his IG and called her “Flawless”:

People are actually praising Lori Harvey saying she has the King of Misogyny posting her.

One person said “You’d think it’s all these men running through Harvey, but it’s Harvey actually running through all these men.”

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