A man was scammed out of money by fake Illuminati recruiters.

Spartanburg County deputies are now investigating after a man was scammed out of almost thousands of dollars when trying to sign up for the Illuminati.

The man, ready to sell his soul, was contacted by “the illuminati”, and was given information on how to join.

The 62 year old man called the Spartanburg County police, when they met up with him, he explained the situation to them. He told the deputies that he was told to pay fees to join.

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He first paid a fee of $250. Once the $250 finished processing, the man sent over $20,000 via Western Union wire transfer. After realizing that it may have been a scam, he contacted western union to cancel the $20,000 before it was too late.

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He was not able to get the $250 dollars. Spartanburb County deputies are now investigating the case, and trying to track down the scammers.

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:55 am

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