The first case of Corona Virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo is a Belgian man.

As fears of the Corona Virus continues to spread around the world, people continue to be bewildered by the way it’s spreading in African countries. 

Today there were 7 new cases of Corona Virus from people of European descent in South Africa.

About a week ago there was another case in Nigeria, the man turned out to be Italian.

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A German man was also diagnosed with the virus in Egypt yesterday.

The first case of Corona Virus has arisen in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Eteni Longodo, the Congolese Minister for Health, said to, a local news source:

“It is only a few minutes ago that we received the information from the INRB (National Institute for Biomedical Research – the national medical organisation in the DCR),”

The patient is a Belgian man who was in the Convo for several days, and has been put in quarantine.

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Longodo stated:

“We are now looking for the people who were in contact with him,”

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Updated: March 10, 2020 — 8:52 pm

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