A texas restaurant charged HBCU students extra after a server stated that Black people don’t tip.

A server from Locatelli’s, a Houston restaurant, said he added a 15% gratuity charge to the bill because students at the local college don’t tip.

The restaurant then forced the 6 black students to leave.

Brittany Blakney was celebrating her graduation on Thursday when a server approached them to inform them the restaurant will be adding a gratuity charge to their bill.

Brittany told reporters:

Basically he said, ‘Black students from Prairie View don’t tip.’ It was really shocking because I had never experienced anything like that before.

Brittany then asked to speak to the manager. When the manager, Kerrie Salazar arrived she immediately threatened to call the cops on the 6 black students unless they left the restaurant, claiming Blakney insulted her for being racist.

Salazar defended her employee saying that the restaurant only applied the charge for certain customers.

She justified her actions to local news outlet KPRC Houston by saying:

“[Brittany] graduated as an engineer and makes twice as much as I do.”

She first said the situation had “nothing to do with race”, and then said she and her server “Anticipated” that Brittany and her 6 friends wouldn’t tip, so both her and the server decided he should go out and tell the students they’d pay a forced 15% extra on their bill.

Brittany told reporters:

“It was definitely embarrassing because she even threatened to call the police. Nobody was belligerent. Nobody was loud…cursing at her…anything,”

Salazar, after being pressed with questions of racism, started sensing she was in the wrong and said she wanted to invite Brittany and her friends back to the restaurant “as an olive branch. (to make peace)”

Updated: July 27, 2019 — 6:40 am

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