“Teenage Dream” actor has come forward to accuse Katy Perry of Sexual assault.

The model who starred in one of Katy Perry’s biggest music videos took to IG to accuse Katy Perry of Sexual Assault.

Josh Kloss stated that Katy Perry sexually humiliated him on the set of teenage Dreams.

The model posted a photo of them on the set, and explained what happened, here’s the post:

Here are some of the replies to the post:

Other fans brought up the incident where Katy Perry forced a kiss on a boy, who seemed flustered that his first kiss was stolen from him without his consent. Katy Perry received a lot of backlash after the incident where people said if the roles had been reversed, it wouldn’t have ended the same way.

Others have stated that she’s done similar sketchy things in the past, and they wouldn’t put it past her.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:08 am

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