An Atlanta man is in custody after shooting a teen who knocked at the wrong door.

Police say Omarion Banks, 19, and his girlfriend had recently moved to a new apartment, and he wasn’t too familiar with the area.

Banks got a ride home in a Lyft and was dropped off near the wrong breezeway. He then went to an apartment believing it was his own, “Upstairs and to the left”.

Police say that Banks was speaking to his girlfriend on Facetime when he knocked on the door, and Darryl Bynes, 32, grabbed a gun and went onto his balcony to confront Banks.

His girlfriend heard the entire conversation while they were on facetime.

Banks’ girlfriend told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach:

“I heard him say, ‘Sorry, I’m at the wrong house.’ Then the man said, ‘No you’re not. N*gga, you at the right house.’ And he shot two more times,”

Another witness told a similar story, telling reporters:

“I see him running around the corner and all you hear him saying is, ‘I am sorry. It was the wrong door,’” a neighbor told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen. “(He said), ‘You ain’t come to the wrong door’ and shot him a third time. I saw him drop to the ground.”

Police say that Bynes shot Banks while he was running away.

A family friend of Bynes’ told police that Bynes is a “hard-working young man who never bothered anybody.”

His family says that Bynes’ shouldn’t be charged with murder. His cousin Makayla Johnson said:

“He is an innocent father. He has five kids. He was protecting his family. His truck was stolen earlier this week, right now, he’s just trying to protect his family,”

Bynes will appear before a judge on Saturday morning, 3/30/2019.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:49 pm

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