A teacher was caught rubbing on a female students back in a video that’s going viral. The teacher is now suspended.

Video shows an Eagleville Highschool teacher rubbing on a female student’s back.

One of the students found it inappropriate and started filming.

Here’s the video:

Rutherford County Schools has suspended the teacher without pay.

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A parent of the student of the video says the teacher was consoling the girl because of a death that just occurred in her family.

Many people online have complained about the teacher’s touching in the video after it went viral, which played a hand in having the teacher fired.

The teacher in the video is identified as “Travis Holland”.

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The school sent Fox 17 a statement saying:

We were notified yesterday of the video and did an initial review, but then deferred to law enforcement and DCS for their review. We have now heard back from both agencies and they are not pursuing any further investigation. However, the school district has suspended the employee without pay pending the outcome of a district investigation.”

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Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:27 am

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