A teacher at an elementary school cast two black children as slaves in a school play where they were to be whipped by the other children. 

Parents are furious after finding out their children were going to be whipped in a school play.

Carmen and Joshua Parker, the parents of a fifth-grade biracial 10-year-old girl, found out their daughter was going to be one of the children whipped in a play called “A Triangle of trade.”

The two parents are pictured below:

The incident happened at West Woods Elementary School in Hamden Connecticut.

Joshua Parker told reporters:

‘I was trying to make sense of the whipping of the children, the children were going to be whipping the slaves ,’

Dr Carmen Parker, the girl’s mother told reporters:

‘The scene starts with nameless slaves one and two getting pushed towards the ship by the slave owner and a child is acting as the slave owner.’

She stated that the script shows that the slave owners were directed to ‘crack a whip at our children’.

Though the teacher involved with the play was suspended, the parents said it wasn’t enough and that they’re going to be taking further action because the school district doesn’t respond appropriately to racist incidents.

The play’s leaflet featured slaves on a boat that were being taken towards a European ship:

Dr. Carmen Parker said they took the issue to the principle and all the help he offered was a 5 minute phone conversation.

During a board meeting, she explained that using a play to explore the issues of colonialism was misguided, and casting to black children was worse.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:29 am

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