Two underage girls get a teacher arrested after they find out he was cheating on them with each other.

The two students in Jacksonville Florida found out about each other and contacted the man’s wife to tell him they were both sleeping with him, and explained the situation to her.

The man, Corey French, 30 years old, was arrested in September on two counts of Unlawful Sexual Activity. The police reports state that both the girls, who are no longer students of Fletcher High, have told the police that they had sex with Corey French multiple times.

The report states that the girls first found out about each other, then contacted his wife. To prove to the wife they have slept with her husband, they showed her pictures of him in intimate moments with them.

Police reported that the girls do not want to personally press charges against the man,

Attorney Gene Nichols who’s affiliated with the case said

“The number one reason we will see is that they don’t want to bring any more attention to themselves or to their families. They’re victims of crimes, and it’s difficult being a victim of a crime.”

The police report also stated that one of the girls cancelled all her plans to go to college in hopes that the man would leave his wife for him.

Nichols said,

“What we do see so many times are young people who believe that they’re in love, young people who believe this is a relationship that’s going to continue,”


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:56 pm

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