Taraji P Henson is comparing people Muting R Kelly to Harvey Weinstein.

#MuteRKelly has been picking up lately, after a recent documentary of him was released, where the people closest to him revealed he used his power to have sex with underaged girls, including Aaliyah and other girls close to him.

People come to the defense of R Kelly in many different ways, and that includes comparing R Kelly’s situation to others.

A lot of people have been saying what’s happening to R Kelly is unfair, and that people are just trying to mess up his music, and saying he’s a legend in the black community.

People are also saying that what R Kelly has done is old news and people are only choosing to attack him now.

Taraji P Henson seems to be one of the latest celebrities coming to the defense of R Kelly.

She’s currently on her IG story posting pictures and videos of her searching for Harvey Weisntein, and implying that people are attacking R Kelly unfairly, implying that it’s because he’s a black man:

Just to make a few things clear, before people who regularly suck R Kelly off from the back say anything. Harvey Weinstein’s outcry has been extremely loud and has been heard far and wide, and he’s currently under investigation, and has been under investigation for a long time. He’s been dropped by many, and his name has been ruined, and was fired from his own company.

Weinstein is currently in a line of lawsuits and is regularly seen in courtrooms.

Harvey Weisntein is not someone you can “Mute”, in that way. His movies aren’t music, and haven’t been regularly played since his 2017 allegations were revealed. His allegations have been heard world wide since 2017.

R Kelly has been accused of raping little girls for a very long time, and his music, is regularly played. He hasn’t gotten into that much trouble until recently.

If you’re comparing R Kelly to Weinstein, you’d lose each and everytime, as R Kelly’s allegations of raping little girls goes back to the time where he actually married a 15 year old girl, and he’s been protected since then.

Bringing up R Kelly and Weinstein, could only be looked at as defense of R Kelly, asking why “Weisntein” wasn’t treated the same way, makes absolutely no sense.

I need you to understand, that R Kelly’s persecution hasn’t even made it even to the point where his named was destroyed in any way. After decades, this is first time he’s been under investigation.

We within the black community has been protecting R Kelly for decades because of his music, and it’s not until a 2019 documentary was released where he’s under mediocre investigation.

In less than a year, Weinstein’s name, again, in comparison in 1 year, has been destroyed more than R Kelly.

How long are we going to let our young Black girls and women go through these things, while using these direct and subtle methods to relieve tension from people the black community hold dear.

In fact, after the “SurvivingRKelly” this year, his streams rose and more of his music has been downloaded, bought and supported.

That’s not even including the fact that “Mute” is a metaphor used for music. Weisntein is not an active entertainer. The way you “Mute” someone like him is by removing him from leadership and from his businesses. He’s been kicked out of his own company he built and has been seeing court rooms constantly. I’m stressing these things because I need you to understand how bad of a comparison that was, and how long R Kelly has been at it, and under the protection while his image was constantly upheld. You cannot mention a rape case in the past 2 years without Weinstein’s name being brought up, he’s literally the face of rape, and has been in countless documentaries, hour long shows and docuseries,

Understand the amount of protection R Kelly has received over the decades, and it’s not even comparable. When you speak on “Whataboutisms” when it comes to R Kelly, it’s not a “Plausible” question. You’re not “Speaking on hipocracy of the racism in this country where they’re not treating the black man fairly in comparison to the white man”.

Again, people come after important black men, but R Kelly, and other rapists, are not one of those people they are coming after, and is not one of those black important black men.

Especially in this case, where in comparison in terms of media outrage, there was more media outrage against Weisntein in a single year, than there was combined for R Kelly since the beginning of his allegations.

Comparing R Kelly to weinstein in this situation, is support.

This is the reaction of R Kelly supporters just within a few days of a “SurvivingRKelly” documentary coming out.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:48 am

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