Swae Lee’s girlfriend uploaded a video of her secretly recording him. In the video he tries to convince her that she shouldn’t leave him, and that it’s okay for him to cheat, naming multiple men who cheated on their wives, saying things like “do you know what Gucci’s wife went through with him?”.

Swae Lee is known for cheating on his girlfriend multiple times.

In the past his girlfriend even uploaded something saying that she caught Blac Chyna giving Swae Lee head:

When the allegations came out, Swae Lee, who’s definitely built like Crash Bandicoot, admitted to cheating, and said that yes he cheats, and girls throw themselves at him so he takes part in it, and whoever he dates has to know this, saying:

“That was a big miscommunication. I’m not no lame, and of course girls wanna… you know? [f*ck?] yeah. I’m young and gonna take part in it. Certain girls might be my focus, and I’m gonna filter through who’s real and groupie/ thottie life and Im gon’ filter through that. But the girl gotta understand my life for it even to work. ‘Damn, he this person cause society made him this person. So I gotta be understanding. It’s gonna come with all these extra things’,”

Now after cheating multiple times, she’s trying to find a way to leave, and he’s trying to get her to stay.

His girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz uploaded this video today:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 11:27 am

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