A man who is suspected to have killed Oluwatoyin has been arrested.

Aaron Glee Jr has been identified as the suspect in a double homicide that left Oluwatonyin Salau, 19, and another woman, Victoria Sims, 75, dead.

Their bodies were found on Saturday night. Police confirmed the two deaths Monday morning.

Police have not yet released motive or any other information in relation to the case.

Oluwatoyin’s friend, who is mortified about the news stated:

“I had a feeling that we were not going to find Toyin alive,”

Oluwatoyin had a history of abuse, which she stated that her family didn’t care about or didn’t do anything to stop.

Aaron Glee had been arrested before the murders, both Oluwatoyin and Vicky Sims weren’t the victims at the time.

Glee was found was found kicking a woman in the stomach on May 29th. The woman woman who he was kicking told police she was having a drink with Glee when asked her for sex, when she rejected him he became angry.

Here’s the article previously written about Oluwatoyin:

Oluwatoyin Salau, a black girl who was seeking shelter while protesting, and was sexually assaulted by a Black Man who took her under the guise of protection and shelter, was reportedly found dead after going missing for almost week.

Oluwatoyin was an activist who stood up for black men and protested their the injustices towards them.

While protesting at the beginning of June, she posted about a sexual assault that happened to her that day.

A black man had taken her into his home after she expressed needing shelter. He guised himself as a Christian man, a man of God, and offered her a place to sleep.

Oluwatoyin told the man about her getting sexually assaulted earlier this year in March, by another black man. And after hearing the story the man ended up sexually assaulting her as well.

She managed to escape his house after he fell asleep and just went into the night, and that morning recounted the story on Twitter.

Oluwatoyin was then reported missing after those posts.

Here’s what she posted on Twitter, reportedly from a public library because she didn’t have her phone:

The Tallahassee police department classified Oluwatoyin as a missing persons, and people have been trying to locate her ever since.

She also left a description of the man, his home, and his car:

Today it’s being reported that two women’s body’s were found in Tallahassee, and Oluwatoyin was one of the women.

It’s also being reported that Oluwatoyin’s family confirmed it was her.

It’s not yet confirmed whether it was that same man who killed her.

Toyin was an activist who was out there fighting for black men and women:

Updated: June 15, 2020 — 1:37 pm

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