A survey finds that 45% of Americans don’t change their underwear for 2 days or more. The survey also revealed that 13% don’t change their underwear for a week. The survey also revealed other things.

Under-maker Tommy-John’s new survey revealed things that people may find appalling.

People say the survey had to have been conducted among the same demographic that don’t wash their legs and thigh area.

4,000 people were surveyed, 2,000 men and 2,000 women.

The survey found that 45% of American people wear their underwear 2 days of longer.

13% of those surveyed revealed they wear their underwear for a week or more.

The survey found that men are more likely to wear their underwear for a week.

The survey found that 46% have owned a pair of underwear for a year or more, and 38% revealed they have no idea how long they have had the same underwear.

It’s reported that clean underwear, not dirty underwear, but clean under can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria, so one can imagine how much bacteria dirty underwear may have.

Moors take the wheel.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:05 am

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