People are dragging Summer Walker saying they already thought she was dirty and musty, saying now they’ve confirmed it because she uses things like baby wipes instead of showering. This comes about a month after she wiped her makeup off with her spit among other things.

Summer Walker, who quickly rose to fame with some of her hits has been made fun of over the last few months because of her hygiene.

Fans brought up some of her habits they’ve noticed ever since she became famous, from things like laying her toothpaste on the floor while brushing her teeth outside the bathroom, and wiping her makeup off with her spit.

Here’s the video of her wiping her makeup off with spit:

This time, Summer Walker took to IG to share that she doesn’t like to shower, and instead has a showering bowl that she uses to clean herself:

Updated: October 27, 2019 — 7:29 pm

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