Summer Walker goes on rant and asks “why do y’all black women hate yourselves and your culture so much.” She says she checked, and it’s “not other races but it’s YA’LL, BLACK WOMEN.” The rant is apparently about someone coming for her hair.

Summer Walker took to IG to rant about black women, saying she noticed that black women seem to hate their culture, texture, history.

She also asks when did they become so brainwashed, and if the ancestors knew they’d be angry.

The rant appears to be about black women allegedly telling her to take down her faux locs because it doesn’t look good, which she briefly addressed at the end of the video.

She said she checked and White women, Latina women, Native women, and other ethnicities and races don’t act like this.

Here’s the video:

Other women in her comments seem to be agreeing with her:

A lot of fans say her rant makes no sense because her faux locs are just ugly and that was the main issue, not that she had them on. 

Other fans say that other races definitely make fun of black women’s hair, and it’s not black women who are the main ones.

Fans also point out the history of black women being forced by white people to remove their protective and cultural hairstyles in public places, workplaces, and schools, and if there’s any hate it didn’t start with black women. 

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:53 am

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