Spanish news networks have released the Suicide Letter of the woman who recently committed suicide in Colombia.

The Police are investigating the death of the who jumped off the La Variante Bridge in Tolima, Columbia.

News sources have released her suicide note that’s currently being investigated by the Police.

The woman was reported to have committed suicide after Debt Collectors hounded her, and she was evicted from her home. The Ibague mayor, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo gave a statement about the incident, saying:

‘This ends up hurting or even costing the life of the person.

‘This lady, who was a single mother, unfortunately was desperate at the pressure of [paying back] debts,’

It’s reported that she left suicide letter before killing herself, and taking her son’s life with hers.

The suicide letter seems to explain more about her situation,

Here’s the original suicide note in Spanish,

And here’s the translation in English:

I don’t have hope, I’ve been defeated and humiliated. The man who said he loved me left me alone, alone…

They left me with nothing, everything I worked for, everything I lived for, everything I gave has been taken from me in an instant. My error was to trust in the wrong people.

How mistaken I was when I thought that was my solution, how mistaken I was in that moment I received “help.” I thought that things would get better. How mistaken I was when I decided to give love another chance. What an error it was to cover another error and that is why I lost everything.

I failed in every aspect possible, and I failed whom I love most in this life. I don’t have anything for his studies, I don’t have a way to make him a hot plate of food, I put him in danger, I’m sorry for failing you son. I won’t tolerate the idea of someone could hurt you because of my fault. I’d prefer us leave far away and forget this world. Breathing gets more and more difficult. Threats, doubts, lack of love, I can no longer do it.

They will call me a coward but only God knows the anguish and terror it brings me in thinking someone could do you harm because of my fault. If only someone would help me. Who could lend me money? Or a place to stay?

There is nobody…the world is dangerous and I can’t protect you.

I don’t have hope…defeated, humiliated, and destroyed. Without strength. All of my days are grey. My heart beats distressed. I cry of frustration and impatience. I am a failure.

This time, I won’t fail you son. No one will do us harm ever again.


Updated: June 20, 2019 — 5:03 pm

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