Stacey Dash is listed as a White Woman upon arrest.

Stacey Dash, who was recently arrested for domestic abuse, was listed as a white woman on the arrest form.

Stacey dash was arrested and charged with domestic battery on Sunday night after an alleged altercation with her husband Jeffrey Marty.

Dash called the incident a “Marital dispute” in a statement on Monday, also describing it as “Personal and unfortunate.”

The arrest report stated:

“The victim sustained red scratch marks to his upper left arm from being pushed.”

Her arrest form is now going viral after her race was marked as “W (White)”.

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Stacey Dash was Born to a Bajan, Black father, and she stated that her mother is Mexican. (Some believe her mother is Afro-Mexican based on a photo of her).

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According to her Wikipedia page:


During her arrest, Stacey Dash also told the cop arresting her she acted in a film called “Clueless” when he asked about her work.

Stacey Dash, being half-black, is known for her controversial comments about the black community, being a former Fox News contributor, and being a trump supporter.

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