South Fulton Georgia has just passed a law that allows Black Women and Black men to wear their natural hair in the work place.

For decades black people, black women specifically, have been unable to wear their natural hair after workplaces deemed it unprofessional.

A lot of workplaces even banned some hairstyles, preventing Black Women from wearing some everyday protective hair styles, implying they’re unkept.

South Fulton, a city in Georgia voted to change that this week.

Dr. Emily Davis, a resident in South Atlanta told reporters:

“It’s a necessity for us to be able to express ourselves in whatever way possible. They’re just expecting us to fit into their criteria of what beauty is and what professional is,”

For a lot of Black Women, their hair is automatically seen as unprofessional in the workplace if it’s not straightened.

South Fulton city councilmember Mark Baker brought the issue to a council vote with a CROWN act ordinance.

The council voted yes during the meeting on Tuesday.

The CROWN act was drafted by a Black Woman, state senator Holly Mitchel. It stands for Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair. The act states that businesses that no longer deem what’s “professional hair” for black men and women.


Updated: October 28, 2020 — 12:37 pm

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