A SoundCloud rapper got a job at amazon and is sending his mixtape and album info to homes all over the country.

SoundCloud rappers are known for always promoting their music everywhere.

You can find them in the comment sections from posts about depression someone maybe be dealing with, to emergency posts, asking you to “listen to track number 7” on their new album if you’re feeling down.

A SoundCloud rapper is now going viral, in real life at that, after he got a job at Amazon just to send his album info to homes by advertising on Amazon boxes. The man in the video states:

Yes, sir. Real deal promotion. We ain’t done yet. We gon’ tap back in in a minute.

He continues as he slaps stickers on the boxes:

“F**k it. They might fire me for this. They touch 60,000 packages a day so I need to at least be on 20,000,”

Here’s the video:

The rapper said so far he hasn’t been fired, and he spoke to them and they’re somehow working it out:


Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:32 am

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