Several songs were released in 2010 by Sony Music, that were said to have been recorded by the late Michael Jackson. 4 years later, a fan listening to the songs, doubted that it was Michael Jackson’s voice, and decided to open an investigation.

The fake songs in question are “Monster,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Breaking News.”

In court documents obtained by Karen Civil, Vera Servoa (the fan that decided to run an investigation) filed a civil suit against Eddie Cascio, James Victor Porte, who are Michael Jackson’s longtime friends, and his production company Angelikson Productions LLC, of creating music that wasn’t by Michael Jackson, and selling it under the Jackson Estate.

Serova testified in the Los Angeles Superior Court that the songs weren’t recorded by Michael Jackson, but instead, were recorded by an impersonator named Jason Malachi. The initial claims by Casio and Porte was that the songs were recorded in Cascio’s basement in 2007.

Sony Music Entertainment confessed in court that they released fake singles.

MJ Fan vs. Sony/ MJ Estate/ Cascio/ Porte by Ivy on Scribd

Updated: August 24, 2018 — 2:40 am

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