Some Asian teens are the latest to join the new racist Tik Tok trend, black people are looking to get them expelled as well

A new Tik Tok trend where people are racist towards black people by pretending to be stereotypes and slaves is going viral. Black people have had enough and are getting people expelled and getting their jobs taken away. 

For a few weeks now a new trend where non-black people pretend to be stereotypes and make fun of black people has been going viral.

People are angry that Tik Too has not taken action against the videos and the accounts of the racists are getting popular.

A few days ago two people were expelled from their school after a video of them using the hard-r N-word in a bathroom went viral.

The trend has picked up and black people are exposing more people who are going viral and trying to cause trauma for black people on the app.

Here’s are videos of another white teen and an Asian participating in the trend:

Another Asian teen posted the video, and went online to apologize with her father after the video went viral:

People have called her apology insincere after she posted the apology and then left this comment:

She’s now gaining racist followers who enjoyed her videos, and people are asking Tik Tok to remove racist users:

Some black people have been retaliating with their own videos with stereotypes of white and Asian people after being bombarded with racist content.

Updated: April 20, 2020 — 6:52 pm

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