“Slavery was just a choice” Advocator Kanye West announces new MAGA hat design, photographed wearing both Donald Trump “MAGA” and Colin Kaepernick Support Apparel at Same time To say he supports them both.

Kanye west just announced that he redesigned the MAGA hat, saying he put a “Positive energy” in the hat, and designed it with a new Brim and changed the shape of the hat in the front.

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The “Slavery was just a choice” Grand Wizard Kanye west was at the Fader building this morning where he announced:

“But it’s my hat, I redesigned it. I changed the brim, I mean I changed the shape right here and I put positive energy into the hat.”

He was also wearing a “Colin Kaepernick” shirt at the same time, Colin Kaepernick who Trump recently called a “Son of a bitch”

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