Sister of the Black girl who says She’s White Exposes Her Sister & Family- Acted for Money/Free Vacations.

The girl who appeared on Dr.Phil and said She’s white and hates black people and “isn’t like any of you negros”, has been exposed.

Her sister went on IG live today and said her whole family went along, and just acted out the scenes. She says the whole entire thing was fake.

The sister said the girl is as black as black comes, from only having black friends, to loving being black, to weaves, to black culture.

Watch the girl first, Treasure, if you haven’t seen the original video

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The sister said their whole family knew, especially the mother who knew that her daughter was in no way anti black, saying that her mother has always wanted to go on an expensive vacation, and wanted the money that comes with it.

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Here’s the video of Treasure’s sister exposing Treasure and her family:

Here are some posts from Treasure’s facebook page


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