People dug up a video where D.L Hughley says he dismissed his daughter’s Sexual Assault claims.

D.L Hughley recently got into an argument Terry Crews on twitter after Terry Crews called him out for something he said.

People found the video interesting, because D.L Hughley said that Terry Crews should have fought back when he was sexually assaulted, saying that it exposes his character.

Here’s the exchange:

To that, Terry Crews responded this,

DL Hughley never replied back to anything after that.

Terry crews continued,

A video came to light today of the type of person D.L Hughley is, fans found the way he treats sexual assault and found out that his own daughter personally came to him to tell him that one of his friends sexually assaulted her.

He said he dismissed her allegations because he liked the guy,

Here’s the video, time stamped, starting at 10:45:

“How come when people do stuff like this they’re always above reproach, nobody ever believes them, and there’s always a lot of victims? And the reason it hits home for me is because my youngest daughter came to me and said something happened to her and because it was somebody I liked, I didn’t believe her. I will never get that back. I’m supposed to protect her and I’ll never get that back that she told her father something and he didn’t do nothing about it because it was inconvenient,”

Updated: June 21, 2020 — 3:39 pm

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