Rome Flynn is accused of trying to get with underaged girls and being a colorist/anti-black.

After a Rome Flynn posted a selfie this morning a black girl retweeted it and said “call me when your beard connects.”

Rome Flynn retaliated by saying “call me when your hair gets longer than mine.”

This set a lot of people off and people started coming forward with their experiences with him.

Here’s the post the tweet with the insults, (the two both deleted their post):

Here’s what that lead to:

More stories about him being anti-black came forward:


And then people started saying he was trying to get with this underage girl called Malu on Tik Tok and a few other girls as well:

She got 2 more people who messaged her about different situations:

He also dmed the woman to ask why she’s trying to tear him down by posting those messages:


Updated: October 12, 2020 — 11:13 pm

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