Robert Downey Jr says 90% of his black friends say it was okay for him doing Blackface because the movie was funny. Says he got to be black for the summer.

Robert Downey Jr. was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience, and people aren’t liking his responses.

For the most part, people suppressed the memory for Robert Downey Jr. doing blackface in the deepest part of their minds and ignored it because of how much they currently like him. Or simply because the movie was funny and they don’t mind blackface as long as it’s funny or satirical.

Robert says he accepted the role because his heart was in the right place, and he got to be black for the summer. As he stated this Joe and him laughed for a while before continuing.

He said he was inspired by a film his father did back in the day about a black man and some company, he didn’t make clear if that film also had blackface.

He said the film could be done today, but people wouldn’t take it the right way, and it would have a different response.

He stated that 90% of his Black friends were okay with him doing blackface and they find it funny, telling him “Dude that was great”, joe bursts into laughter as he chuckles, and he continues on to say as for the 10% who didn’t like it, he can’t disagree with them, but knows that his heart was in the right place. 

Right after stating his heart was in the right place, he starts talking about “white chicks”, comparing it in a way and stating that the movie “White Chicks” came out pretty soon after, which he loved. 

Joe started to talk about how “Blackface can’t be done anymore (because of how sensitive people would be)”. 

He said

“well, we’ll never have a movie like that again UNLESS things change. I mean, I don’t think you can do Blackface anymore. I mean we almost lost the prime minister of Canada because he did brown face, he did Arabian nights in highschool or something like that”

Robert replied that it’s a pendulum, and you have to know where it’s placed to know if you’re cutting a little too deep, but that there’s the matter of your heart being in the right place.

He implied throughout the interview that his character was satirical, and to he played the character to show how wrong the character was.

People also argued that “satire” can now technically be used by anyone non-black on a random platform like Youtube to portray “how bad white men are” by doing blackface themselves, as long as “satire” is attached to it and they portray some form of oppression.

People also pointed out all the writers, producers and directors were white.

People pointed out that he also did Yellow Face without the irony or the satire. 

People also pointed this out:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:36 am

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