Rihanna shows support for the production “Slave Play”, and expresses how extremely excited she is for the production. “Slave Play” where a black woman plays a slave and “romantically” performs “Sex acts” for her “Master”, has been described as a “Therapeutic workshop” for interracial couples.

Slave Play, which is now headed for Broadway after becoming a “Hit”, has now gotten an A list celebrity on board.

Rihanna took to IG to congratulate Jeremy O. Harris the creator of the play, and to show her support and excitement.

Harris made a post on IG promoting the production:

Rihanna commented on the post:

Rihanna also gave the Okay for her song “work” to be used when the black woman pretending to be a slave twerks on her white master.

Fans stated that if other slaughters on a mass scale were written about, and productions were made where the women “Twerked” and performed sexual acts on stage with actors that represented their oppressors, whatever the “message” may be, even through comedy, the production would not be allowed nor would be seen the same way.

From Vulture:

The play uses Comedy, Sex, Roleplaying, among other sensual things to have a discussion on race, and to make people “more comfortable”. Harris states:

“The play is about entanglement, and about the wound inside of America that has gone unhealed for too long,”

Multiple sources have reviewed the production. The New York Times writes:

“Slave Play” is intentionally outrageous, set in a group therapy workshop testing an imaginary technique called “antebellum sexual performance therapy,” in which the couples use explicit sexual role play, set on a plantation but punctured by pop songs, to work through their issues.

The Guardian, Hubert Adjei-Kontoh wrote:

“the play may simply give white people yet another platform to gaze on black bodies exposed to physical and sexual violence while simultaneously patting themselves on the back for ‘surviving’ the experience.”

The creator of the play, Harris said in an interview:

“I’m very excited, mainly because when I was growing up, all the plays I revered were by writers who had worked on Broadway. The play is about entanglement, and about the wound inside of America that has gone unhealed for too long,”

Deadline writes:

“The scenarios are, in fact, therapeutic workshops for modern-day interracial couples.”

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories production company will be among one of the producers of the play.

The play is directed by Robert O’Hara seen below:

Updated: August 4, 2019 — 8:33 pm

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