A girl who wore black face went viral after doing dances on Tik Tok. Their record label responded saying black people are misunderstanding the situation; the girl is someone who is just playing a girl who was cursed with pitch dark skin in a play.

A Malaysian girl is currently on Tik Tok going viral. She apparently found a loophole that allows her to walk around with blackface.

The girl is seen in a Tik Tok video with legitimate blackface on, red lips, and dancing popular Tik Too dances.

People successfully contacted her record label, Suria Records, but the label gave a non-apology as they justified her being in blackface, and said other people misunderstood the situation.

Here’s the video of the girl:

After backlash her label finally responded, but the response…:

People are now amazed that a play where someone is cursed with “black skin” that coincidentally has red lips, exists.

People are also still coming to terms with “POC solidarity.”

Updated: June 20, 2020 — 11:08 am

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