In a new song he released, called “I confess”, “Carey Killa Kelly” replies to his brother’s song “I admit”, where he admits to a lot of the crimes he was said to have committed, like sleeping with young black girls, which for some reason is still not widely spoken about and taken action on in the community.

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He started spilling secrets about his brother, in a clapback song.

“You gave them females some crazy disease, I want you to know that Momma not pleased,” “Man, tell me how them n***as tight when they all gotta wife/something ain’t right, something smell fishy, what’s going on?/what kinda man want to stay a night in a man home?”

The song is extremely homophobic near the end.

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He threatens to expose him

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Updated: August 7, 2018 — 10:40 pm

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