R. Kelly who married a 15 year old girl is set to be released from jail again.

R. Kelly was jailed for the 2nd time after he was unable to provide the money to pay for his child support on Wednesday by 10am Central Time. He had a few months to do so after he was ordered to.

The first time he was jailed was because of 4 sexual assault/rape accusations.

Cook County sheriff’s spokeswoman Sophia Ansari says that R. Kelly was bailed out by after someone paid $161,000 in back child support for him.

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She says she doesn’t know who made the payment.

R. Kelly will be released March, 9th 2019, Saturday.

This comes 3 days after the Judge jailed R. Kelly for not being able to pay his child support.

When R. Kelly was first jailed for the 4 sexual assault/rape accusations, a woman who owns a Christian Daycare paid his bail for $100,000.

She said she wanted R. Kelly to be treated fairly, and he has to tell his side as well. She met R. Kelly on a cruise ship in 2018.

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People are trying to find out who bailed him out this time, as for months as he wasn’t able to provide his own money for the child support, but it’s now paid in full by someone else.

Just a reminder, R. Kelly physically beat 15 year old Aaliyah when he was in a relationship with her. 

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Updated: October 19, 2019 — 10:12 am

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