A Georgetown law professor is going viral after she complained that “Blacks” do the worst in her class.

Sandra Sellers, a professor at Georgetown started going viral yesterday after calling out her Black students in a zoom call with another professor.

She stated that she has this “angst” because a lot of the “lower” ones in her class are Black students. She and the other professor continued to speak and agree with each other.

Apparently, a student found out about the video and posted it on social media and turned the video in. The professor was fired the next day.

Here’s the video:

The student who uploaded the video posted a petition that other students started to call for the professor’s termination.

The student stated the the school actually already knew about the video, and did nothing about it until the video went viral and petitions were signed:

Updated: March 11, 2021 — 6:56 pm

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