Probe into the Willie McCoy killing has concluded that the cops who fired 55 shots into the car of a sleeping Black man “acted reasonably”.

A California rapper who had been sleeping in his car was killed by police.

Willie McCoy, also known by his stage name as Willie Bo was an up-and-coming rapper from California.

He was asleep in his car outside of a Taco Bell. A Taco Bell employee called 911 and said there was a man “slumped over” at the wheel in the driver’s seat of a silver Mercedes, implying that he was unconscious, and had police come check it out.

The police arrived and found Willie McCoy unresponsive at the wheel.

Having confirmed that he was sleeping at the wheel, police now claim that he had a handgun placed on his lap while he was sleeping.

Police say the door was locked, and the car was on. They claim they woke him up and told him not to move, and called for back up. They then claim that after calling for backup, he suddenly “Moved”, and all 6 officers, each fired multiple rounds into the car from different angles, which lasted a total of 3.5 seconds, and a total of 55 bullets were fired, killing Willie McCoy.

This happened on February 9th 2019.

The report of the investigation was published by paid consultant, retired Livermore police officer David Blake, and was released this week. The report concludes that the February 9th killing of Willie McCoy was “in line” with current use-of-force practices.

David Blake concluded:

“The 55 rounds fired by 6 officers in ~3.5 seconds is reasonable based upon my training and experience as a range instructor as well as through applied human factors psychology,”

The report states that officers fired 3 seconds after ordering him to show his hands.

Blake concluded:

“Officers are not required to wait until a weapon is pointed at them to take the necessary steps to save their own lives,”

John Burris, the attorney representing the McCoy family in a wrongful lawsuit against the city says the report doesn’t surprise him.

City Attorney Claudia Quintana said the report was recently shared with Vallejo police officials and will be presented to the city council Friday.

Quintana says although the report will be presented to the city council Friday, it wont be used in the Solano County District Attorney’s Investigation, which she says will determine whether the officers are charged.

Updated: June 20, 2019 — 4:39 pm

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