Post&Delete: Cardi B Goes on Rant about people saying “Mac Miller was Snubbed for ‘Best Rap Album” & “Cardi didn’t deserve it”

Cardi B went on a rant today about her Grammy win.

A lot of people were saying Cardi B didn’t deserve the Grammy win for “Best Rap Album”, but instead Mac Miller should’ve been the one who won that Grammy.

Even Ariana Grande made a post saying Mac Miller should’ve won, later saying what she said had nothing to do with Cardi B.



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Ariana made the above posts on twitter when Cardi B was announced to have won the Best Rap Album.

Cardi B then took to IG and made this post after Ariana made her posts on Twitter,

Ariana Grande continued on to write,

Today Cardi B uploaded this video, then delete it almost immediately after posting, but… it’s the internet.

Here’s the video:



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