People are roasting Popsmoke for getting veneers that don’t fit his mouth when he speaks, and he only got it for his top row.

When celebrities get enough success they’re known to get a better set of teeth.

Popsmoke decided he was going to switch up the game apparently by getting them for only his top row because his bottom row was good enough.

People noticed that his bottom teeth were much more yellow than than the top.

He also went on IG live to drop a teaser for an upcoming song, and people noticed his teeth were large and the top of his mouth poked out.

Here are some of the screen caps from his new interview with Complex:

Here’s the post of him rapping one of his teasers on IG live where people are clowning him saying his top row that he got only, is too large:

Updated: February 21, 2020 — 11:23 pm

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