Police conducted a search of a woman’s vagina while she was waiting for her boyfriend.

A woman sued the City of San Antonio after an SAPD detective pulled down her shorts in public and inappropriately examined her vagina.

The City of San Antonio is now trying to make a $205,000 payout to the woman.

City council is scheduled to vote Thursday whether to fund the settlement via the city’s Self-Insurance Liability Fund.

The lawsuit was filed by Natalie Simms last year, when she alleged that now-retired police officer Mara Wilson and other male police officers conducted a search of her vagina for drugs when she was sitting on a curb waiting for her then-boyfriend on August 8th, 2016.

The lawsuit states that male officers approached Simms and asked her if they could search her car for drugs. When they didn’t find any they called for a female officer to come and search her person.

The lawsuit alleges that 32-year-old Mara Wilson pulled down Simms shorts and inspected her vagina in the street while the male officers looked on. Wilson then pulled a tampon from Simms’ vagina and held it up in front of the other officers to inspect.

Wilson told internal affairs investigators on November 2016:

It had been my experience over the years that females will lie about being pregnant or in their cycle to prevent female officers from searching them properly,

Wilson claims she saw a string coming from outside of Simms’ underwear.

I had never seen a string from a tampon hang that long down the leg. Believing this to be contraband, I went to retrieve it without thinking that I was removing something from a body cavity

Wilson denies any body-cavity searches, but according to San Antonio Current, a squad car camera showed Simms raising objection to having her anus probed when Wilson tried to continue the search, the lawsuit states.

The following is a quotation of a conversation between Simms and Wilson, included in the lawsuit, during the search:

Wilson: Uh-huh. Are you wearing a tampon, too?
Simms: Yes.
Wilson: Okay. I just want to make sure that’s what it is. Is that a tampon?
Simms: Come on. Yes.
Wilson: Huh? Is that a tampon?
Simms: It’s full of blood, right? Why would you do that?

Simms was heard asking why the search couldn’t be conducted in at least the police station.

A police detective said they were conducting a surveillance of the area after reports of drug activity. The detective stated that they saw Simms and another woman appearing to be dealing drugs on the surveillance cameras.

Records show that no illegal contraband was found on Simms.

The lawsuit states:

“Officer Wilson had violated Natalie vaginally, and now it appeared that she might violate Natalie anally.  She was doing so without a warrant, with no medical personnel present, and on a public street in view of several people as well as those passing by.”

The lawsuit also states that Wilson was never disciplined for the search because Internal Affairs never found her to have violated any department policies.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:57 am

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