Police have released a video of the Nigerian Brothers in the Jussie Smollett case buying props in stores.

The Police have released video of the Nigerian brothers buying masks, ropes, and other props that corroborate their story.

The Chicago Police department have also released an official statement regarding the Jussie Smollett case.

Chicago police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi took to twitter today to say that Jussie Smollett is now officially a suspect in the case. Guglielmi said that police department is presenting evidence before a Cook County grand jury.

“We are hopeful that we’ll have a chance to ask the questions that we have. It doesn’t matter what the investigation shows; if you have information that’s helpful to law enforcement, it behooves you to contact authorities and share that information. We have been very diplomatic and have been working with him and his attorneys. We got information, and that what we want to run by him. If the opportunity is not taken [to come in], we’re going to go with other methods to create a culture of accountability.”

Here’s are two videos of the brothers buying props that they allegedly used in the attack.

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 10:45 am

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