A video was recently release depicting a black girl beating up a white boy on a school bus, police say the girl beating him up had nothing to do with a Trump hat/Trump apparel, and that it’s false news. A new video is also released showing the boy hitting the girl a few weeks back.

People are now contacting GoFundMe to get the boy’s gofundme removed after police released a statement about a recently released video.

The video showed a black girl beating up a white boy on the bus.

News then spread through news networks like Fox news among others that a black girl beat up a white boy for wearing a maga hat. The police determined that that was a lie.

The boy wasn’t even wearing a Maga hat in the video.

Here’s the original video released:

Here’s the police statement:

The school also released a statement giving more details about the situation:

A new video of the student hitting the black girl while standing on the chair was also released:

Updated: February 4, 2020 — 9:43 am

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