A woman kidnapped her boyfriend’s side chick, forced her in a car and took her riding around, then beat her on Live. The police are now investigating the incident, and the woman has been charged.

An Arkansas woman was arrested, and the incident is still being investigated after she kidnapped a woman and beat her up on Live.

She accused the woman of giving her boyfriend oral in the video, and having sex with her boyfriend.

Dhashia Wade, 20, and Takira Burnell, 19, both from Camden Arkansas, were taken into custody at the Day-N-Night store around 12:50 p.m. on Sunday, June 2.

Wade brought Burnell with her to the alleged sidechick’s house. Police reported wade Wade kicked in the door of the home on Johnson Street and kidnapped Desaray Clarke.

Clarke told the police she was punched in the face and head multiple times, and also hit in the head multiple times with the hilt of a fixed-blade knife that Wade was carrying. She was then dragged by her hair down Carver Street to a parked car on Stewart Street.

Wade then took Desaray, riding around her questioning her, while also making her wave to the camera.

Wade then asked Desaray if she gave oral to her boyfriend, Rogers, and Desaray denied it. Wade then proceeded to get out of the car and beat Desaray who sat in the back of the car.

Here are the videos:


Clarke said they stopped at a gas station for some gas, and that’s when Clarke luckily saw her boyfriend, Rogers, arrive at the same gas station.

Clarke said Wade ran out of the gas station store when she also noticed Rodgers, forced Clarke back in the car and tried to escape with her, but Rodgers got in his own car quickly and rammed Wade’s car and disabled it.

Rogers gave the police statement saying Wade actually called him earlier on and told him to meet her at the park and made it sound like it was an emergency. He went, and there was no one there. It’s reported that it’s during that time Wade kidnapped Clarke.

Rogers said Wade then actually called him and told him she had kidnapped Clarke.

Rogers said he just happened to be passing by the gas station by chance when he noticed Wade’s car. He said she tried to get in a flee, but he used his car to block Wade’s path, making her unable to escape.

Clarke said she then quickly got out of Wade’s car and hopped into Roger’s car. She said that Wade jumped on the hood of Roger’s wielding a knife, and Roger’s sped off with Clarke and wade fell off the hood of the car to the side as the car left the gas station.

Both women, the kidnapper and her accomplice are facing charges of residential burglary, robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, theft of property under $1,000 and third-degree battery.

Updated: April 29, 2020 — 2:19 pm

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