People are starting to delete Tik Tok and leaving 1star reviews after hashtags and searches for GeorgeFloyd, BlackLivesMatter and Black related posts in regards to justice and protesting showed 0 views.

Tik Tok, the Chinese owned company has for a long time now come under criticism for how they treat their black users.

They’ve taken down black people’s posts numerous times in the past, and banned black people for speaking on, not only issues they face in real life, but racism they face on the app.

While other races are blatantly racist to black people on the app, Tik Tok has gone as far as to leave racist posts towards black people up without deleting or condemning them, leaving black people to suffer through the posts or get justice for themselves on their own time.

Yesterday people noticed that Tik Tok hashtags showed zero views on things relating to Black Justice on the app, it showed back up today after backlash.

Here are some of the posts and reactions to what happened:

Updated: May 29, 2020 — 5:50 pm

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