People found court documents that show Dr. Umar Johnson was recently evicted, and are angry that he may have been scamming them.

Followers of Dr Umar Johnson noticed that he’s always outside, in his car, or on a playground.

He’s also been asking for donations much more lately which left some very suspicious.

Someone posted eviction papers of his online stating that he’s a scammer, and the reason he keeps asking people for money is because he’s struggling financially.

Here’s the post: 

Another man posted more information about his eviction and financial situation:

In late December, someone posted a video on YouTube that showed where they found the court documents on Dr. Umar Johnson’s eviction (you can fast forward to 2:30 to where he starts showing the documents):

People are starting to accuse him of scamming them and always asking for money, but never actually building the school he promised to build.


Updated: February 28, 2020 — 11:37 pm

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