A viral post accuses Joe Budden and has people believing Joe Budden jacked his dog off. Though people were skeptical at first, someone found a video where Budden touches his dog and apparently admits to pleasuring the dog.

A tweet has started going viral after someone made a post to IG that stated Joe Budden jacked his dog off.

Though it seemed like a lie and an exaggeration to many people, people pulled up a video where Joe Budden seemingly admits to basically doing exactly that.

People on Twitter are currently losing their minds at the possibility.

It all started with a document that was posted on IG, as it may not be real, but the poster alleged it was from their legal battle, he posted about 13 pages in total. One part of the document stated that Joe Budden pleasured his dog.

Here’s are the tweets that sparked the outrage:

Updated: September 8, 2020 — 6:33 pm

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