Black people are asking white people to stop using this opportunity to loot as multiple videos show white people looting, vandalizing, and breaking into establishments.

As riots continue to break out across the country, black people are becoming confused as to why white people are taking this opportunity to break into establishments.

A lot of black activists are saying the most white people should be doing is using their voices and their presence to protect black people if they’re allies.

A lot of protestors are continuously reporting that white people are vandalizing, destroying properties and acting as if it was a movie, or a dream of theirs that they want to fulfill.

Here is one set of the videos:

People are saying there’s absolutely no way black people would destroy a barbershop:

A cop was separated from his group and was in danger, photo shows a group of black people actually protecting and shielding him:


Updated: May 30, 2020 — 8:43 pm

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